CEO Simon Cusens presented U.S. Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley with a print of an original watercolour by renowned marine artist Edwin Galea, on 17th September 2013.

The print depicts the American tanker SS Ohio entering the Grand Harbour in 1942. SS Ohio formed an integral part of the Santa Marija Convoy and, with its cargo of fuel, is considered to have saved the beleaguered Malta from certain capitulation.

The print is one of a limited edition run, sponsored by Technoline Ltd in 2002, and is signed by the artist and nine convoy veterans.

Technoline Ltd is a contributor towards various conservation and heritage related initiatives as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, and has also sponsored the cost involved in tracking down 250 survivors of this August ‘42 Malta Convoy known as Operation Pedestal. 105 of these veterans responded to an invitation from the Maltese Government and travelled to Malta for a memorable week to celebrate a 60th anniversary reunion held in September 2002.